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About Us

Celebrate Charlotte along with us, and enjoy it’s quaint and historic downtown, located at the crossroads of Michigan highways 50 & 79. Downtown Charlotte has a lot to offer our visitors, residents and those just passing through.


Whether your interest lies in specialty shops with friendly service, award-winning restaurants, evening entertainment or plain, old-fashioned family fun, Downtown Charlotte is here for you! Downtown Charlotte features a number of greatrestaurants, pubs, home improvement stores, a historic Art Deco theater that still shows first-run feature films, and many historic sites and buildings.


 We are confident that you will find Maple Tree Village Apartments every bit as endearing as the town its located in.  We pay for water, sewage, and trash removal.  We have spacious closets and bathroom areas, and on-site laundry facilities. Great management and maintenance staff.  We take pride in our communication between residents and staff.  We provide a monthly newsletter filled with exciting news and events.  Barrier free apartments on site.  Rent based on income.


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